Best Tourism Award

For 2017 The Best Tourism Award there are 3 principle categories.  Entry is open to bona fide tourism businesses, entrepreneurs, visitor attractions, organisations and events.  This award gives recognition to and promote people, companies and organisations that have made significant contributions to developing, marketing, selling and delivering improved visitor experiences in the region.

(1) Best  Outdoor/Indoor Adventure Experience

This award is presented to the business or organisation that has demonstrated a commitment to the development, delivery and promotion of a creative, exciting outdoor tourism experience that is designed for activity enthusiasts, and which showcases and promotes Kerry’s and the regions spectacular scenery.

Judging Criteria:
  • Describe how your adventure experience demonstrates excitement and creativity
  • Show how your adventure experience attracts new visitors to the region
  • Define the commitment to growth and sustainability of the product/experience

(2) Best Cultural Festivals Award

This award is presented to the festival or event that exemplifies best practices in all aspects of its operations and which increases the number of visitors to Kerry and the region. It may be, but is not limited to being, of the following type: cultural, historical, musical, arts, sporting, culinary, literary, humorous, or of general interest. This award aims to acknowledge and reward the hard work and efforts by all behind Kerry’s rapidly growing festival circuit.

Judging Criteria:
  • Define the commitment to visitor/participant/spectator satisfaction
  • Show how it stimulates economic activity during the festival/event
  • Explain how it promotes tourism and develops economic activity year-round in the region
  • Describe the social/cultural impact on Kerry and the region

(3) Hospitality Award

This  awards seek to recognise and reward excellence in service, quality, value, experience, creativity and innovation in the Hotel, Restaurant, Café, Pub, Live Music Venue in Kerry or experience for holidaymakers or those visiting friends and relatives or taking short breaks, and which are centred on the fundamental principles of hospitality and customer service.

Judging Criteria:
  • Show how your business / service demonstrates creativity and innovation with the services provided to delight the customer
  • Explain how it promotes tourism and develops economic activity year-round in the Kerry region
  • Show the economic impact of your innovation to Kerry and the region

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